Do You Want Your Own HoundRound?
     Originally I just built the HoundRound for the benefit of my own dog and for my own amusement.  However, due to strong interest, and after I built several HoundRounds on commission, I pursued mass production.  After an investment of considerable time and money, I came up with a great design, with a kibble dispenser, for dogs up to about 22 lbs, to be roto-molded in plastic, but the cost estimate for the molds was higher that I could work with (that was 2009).  At the same time, my family responsibilities began to increase.  So, the mass production plans are on hold for several years until my kids are in school full time.  My guess as of 2013 is that I will get back to HoundRound production around 2017.  Please email me if you would like to be put on the notification list for when the HoundRound comes to market.

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